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Foodideals - Stuffed PeppersIt is my belief that one cannot live, love, or even work well if one has not eaten well, so with this in mind I decided to create this website to help everyone enjoy what they eat more.

Being born to a family of Italian descent I grew up with the idea that cooking and eating were central to entertaining. In addition to this my father worked in the restaurant trade so I thought it normal to sit down for long family meals which could easily take most of the day. Growing up, my passion for food and cooking has only grown stronger and now I spend most of my leisure time either cooking, growing or eating food.

Petes Kitchen - Sea Bream with saladWith the summers getting warmer the possibilities for the adventurous chef are limitless. Cold meats and salads are perfect for a summer picnic combine these with a tub of home made coleslaw, a some pate and a few refreshments and you have the makings of an impromptu feast. Barbecuing is one of my favorite ways of cooking in the summer months. From spicy chicken wings, to whole sea bream the capabilities are endless. In the words of the late great Keith Floyd ( and I am paraphrasing) 'provided you have a heat source, be it gas, wood, or charcoal you can cook anything. The only thing thar limits you is your imagination.' Well said Floydy!

The greatest inspiration / critic / sampler / suggester / contributor and without who this site would not be possible is my wife Karen who has tolerated the faddy menus, sampled the failures, rejoiced in the successes and continued to bring me down to earth.

Any success you have be sure to jot the recipe down and email it to us. Once we have tried the recipe ourselves we will include on the site. Happy Eating…………

Peter Paccagnini