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Cookbook Reviews

I have over 500 cookbooks, all of which I have used at some time or other. Here I review some of them and over time I aim to go through the entire back catalogue. My favorite celebrity chefs will be given separate pages reviewing their books.

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Silver Spoon Cookbook

Silver Spoon

  • This book was first published in 1950 in Italian under the name of 'Il Cucchiaio D’argento'.and was not translated into english until 2005.
  • Traditionally this book was given to the bride by her parents on her wedding day. It just goes to show how food obsessed the Italians truly are.
  • I have two copies, one in Italian and one in English. Both are falling apart but I would not be without them.
  • There are over 2000 recipes in this book, but the without the glamour of the gloosy celebrity cookbook.
  • If you can find it, try the second hand shops or charity shops, it will cost about £5 used, or £60 from Amazon 3rd party vendors.


Alas This book is out of print, and you cant buy my copies!!
Cookery Year - Readers Digest

The Cookery Year

  • First published in 1974, this book combines traditional English recipes with more modern (well for 1974) dishes for the more adventurous.
  • My wife swears by this book (as I swear by the Silver Spoon, different origins),
  • Sadly this book is also out of print, a revised edition was produced in 1996 which is also out of print.

Original edition can be purchased here.

Revised edition can be purchased here.

The Cooks Scrapbook

The Cooks Scrapbook

I was first given this book as an Xmas present by a friend in 2002, and completely ignored it. there are great, unusual recipes in here for older more traditional british fare.

Try the chocolate truffle recipe. Its ace.

The spiced vinegars are a must.

Alas it would appear this book is also out of print.

Buy now from Amazon 3rd party sellers!
Time Life Cook Book Series

Time Life - Cookbooks Series

  • The Good Cook is one of the longer and more popular cookbook series by Time-Life. These were some of the first cookbooks by Time-Life to be published, and they really established the standard for later series. 
  • There are 28 books in this series
  • Great for a bit of a browse but in recipe terms are really dated.
  • Again these are out of print, but there are no 3rd part sellers on Amazon Uk
No Longer Available
La Rouse Gastronomique

Larousse Gastronomique

  • The classic textbook for those wishing to create exquisite French styled food
  • Not really a cookbook but more of a professional chefs textbook. The recipes do not have measurements only ingredients so you need to know how the dish is supposed to taste first.
  • Pricyat nearly £50 so don't bother unless you are a big fan of French food or a collector like me!


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