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Over the years I have had literally hundreds of knives but the ones I really love are those made by Global. I first used these knives back in the late 80's when my father had an Italian resturant in London. These knives are not cheap (£70 - 150 per knife) but the are really worth it. Most professional chefs use Global knives, so if they are good enough for Rick Stein who am I to argue!. I do have a couple of chefs knives, a bread knife and a couple of utility knives made by other manufacturers but I am slowly replacing these with Global.I mainly use 4 different knives:-

18cm Global Santoku Slicer
  • An 18cm fluted Santoku Slicer which as the name suggests I use for slicing meat, fish and vegetables. The flutes on the blade seem to prevent whatever you are cutting from sticking to the blade. I find that the balance of this knife is great and it sits very nicely in the hand. The blade is made from high grade stainless steel which means is stays sharp for a long time and the handle is filled with sand. I actually have two of these knives I like them so much.
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11 cm Global Santoku Knife
  • An 11cm fluted Santoku Knife which I use for slicing smaller things like vegetables. Again the blade and handle are built the same way as the above knife. And guess what I also have two of these!
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18cm Global Vegetable Chopper
  • This vegetable chopper I purchased a couple of years ago after watch Ken Hom cooking on TV. The only knife he used in the whole series was a cleaver to peel, chop, slice whatever. So I thought if it was good enough or him I would give it a go.
    The blade like the others is made from high grade stainless steel but the blades thickness and weight is greater than the other knives.
    Unlike Ken I only really use this knife for finely chopping herbs and vegetables.
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9cm Global Paring Knife
  • This 9cm paring knife is ideal for peeling vegetables, filleting fish and a myriad of other tasks where the size and shape of the blade are perect for tricky jobs.
    The blade and handle are made to the same specifications as the others.
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24cm Global Chefs steel
  • There is no point in buying any knife without having the means to sharpen it. A chefs steel is essential in any kitchen. As majority of my kniveas are Global I invested in a chefs steel by the same manufacturer. You can obviously get cheaper ones but if you are spending allot of money on your knives, whats the point of ruining them with a cheap steel.
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