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I love new bits of kitchen equipment, I just love it. Unfortunately my bank balance does not permit me to endulge in my passion as often as I would like but over the last 25 years I have picked up lots of culinary equipment, much of which I still use today. Many department stores have great 'end of season' sales where many items are being sold for less than half price so these are where many of my pieces of kitchen equipment are obtained. The internet is a great place to pick up cut price items of kitchen equipment but beware of imitations.

When purchasing pieces of kitchen equipment you need to ask yourself one main question, do you really need that particular piece of equipment to be of that quality?

Professional pieces of kitchen equipment often cost 2 or even 3 times that which a similar item designed for domestic use costs. In my opinion certain things are worth it. If you are going to be using that piece of equipment several time a week then it is worth investing in the best quality you can afford, if however it is going to be used once in a blue moon, is it really necessary to buy the best quality product out there, probably not.

Below are some of my must haves which are always in easy reach when I am cooking.

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