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FoodIdeals - Tapas MealRecipes are so much more than a set of instructions. They give a great insight into the dish. From the photos of how it may look to the ingredients it uses it all builds a picture of what is in store.

I have tried to relay a little of where the recipe originated from (giving due credit where appropriate), how I came across it and also a little about how Ilike to combine it into a meal.

These are a selection of some of my favorite recipes accumulated over the years, all tried and tested, as my expanding waistline will agree!

Please remember everybody is different in the amount of chilli they like / tollerate so adjust the quantity of chilli accordingly. As a rule of thumb the smaller the chilli the more nuclear it will be. So you have been warned!

Go on try some of them I promise you wont be dissapointed!

Unfortunately due to the number of recipes on the site we can only list the subsections here. To browse our complete recipe listing please go to our site map.

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