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Lemon Posset

This lemon posset recipe is from Tom Kerrige, he of two Michelin stars fame in the Hand and Flowers. I have made this desert many time when we have been entertaining, so much so that my wife has called it my go to dish. It is great as all the prep is done in advance.

Foodideals - Lemon PossetIngredients

425ml / ¾ pint double cream
125g / 4½oz sugar
2 lemons, juice only


To make the posset, bring the cream and sugar to the boil in a pan. Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook for 1-2 minutes. Add the lemon juice and mix thoroughly. Pass through a fine sieve and set aside to cool for five minutes.

Skim off any air bubbles from the surface and pour into six serving glasses. Transfer to the fridge for at least two hours, or until set.

Remove the lemon posset from the fridge and serve with fime biscotti like cantucini.