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Mildly Spicy Chicken Wings

This is a bit of a cheats recipe. I got the idea from a nameless internet site and thought it might work. The trick is to make sure that the hot sauce you use has a very low sugar content as this will burn before the wings are cooked. The sugar could come from tomatoes so don’t just rely on the ingredient label.

Foodideals - Spicy Chicken Wings500g chicken wings, tips removed and jointed
4-5 tablespoons hot sauce ( use your favorite but see note above I use Encona West Indian Hot Pepper sauce)

Score the chicken wings with a slash on each side to allow the marinade to penetrate. Place the wings into a plastic sandwich type bag and add the hot sauce. Refrigerate for at least an hour ideally longer but not more than 6 hours. When you’re ready to cook take two metal skewers and thread the wings onto them to kind of form a ladder shape with the skewers forming uprights and the wings the rungs. This is optional but it makes them easier to turn on the barbecue!

Set your barbecue up for direct grilling and heat to high. Brush the grate with a little oil and place the wing ‘ladders’ onto the grate. Turn them frequently and baste with any leftover marinade.

Serve the wings with a cooling cucumber raitha, potato salad and some grilled corn on the cob.