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Main Course Recipes

The main course for any meal is the main attraction. How many times do you hear 'I dont eat the main course just a starter and a desert'. Of course you are having a main course, just the starter is becoming the main course you just don't have a particularly large appetite.

What you often find is people take great time and effort into choosing and buying the best ingredients for their chosen main course only to ruin it with sloppy presentation. Remember we eat 50% of our meal with our eyes. If you are spending a great deal of time and money on the main course dont just throw it on a plate any old how. Take your time, have a firm idea of how you want the finished dish to look and try to arrange it as artistically as possible. People eat more when it look nice. Top chefs take as much care over their presentation as they do over their cooking.

One thing to remember when choosing the main course, it will form the bulk of the meal. A dainty dish of stuffed mackerel is unlikely to fill the hearty appetites of large eaters unless a filling starter has been prepared. Also remember the desert, try to make sure that the portion sizes allow your guests or family enough room for it.

We are always trying to expand our main course recipe selection so please email in your recipes and once we have tried the recipe we will include it.

Fish Main Courses

Mediterranean Sea Bream
Whole Sea Bream, roasted, either in the oven or on the barbecue, what could be better. The advantage of roasting a whole fish as opposed to fillets is the flesh of the fish keeps moister.

Piri Piri Sardines
This dishes origins lie in Portugal but it will work just as well in Peckham. I use a barbecue to cook this dish but you could do it just as well either in a griddle pan, or under the grill.

Madras Fish Curry
If like me you won't order fish curry when out in an Indian resturant or ear of how resh the ish is then this recipe is for you. This Rick Stein recipe is from his India cookbook rom the BBC TV series of the same name.

Poultry & Game Main Courses

Coniglio Cacciatora
In Italy my grandmother used to make this rich rabbit stew when I was a kid, you just could not beat it. Coniglio Cacciatora literally means rabbit in a hunters style.

Mildly Spicy Chicken Wings
This is a bit of a cheats recipe. I got the idea from a nameless internet site and thought it might work. The trick is to make sure that the hot sauce you use has a very low sugar content as this will burn before the wings are cooked.

Jerk Chicken
Jamacan jerk chicken is a sensory overload on the palate, sweet, sour, hot and juicy. Its a really easy marinade to make as well. My version takes influences from Jamie Oliver and Levi Roots and I think you are just going to love it!

Chicken Shish Kebabs
These little beauties are inspired by the amazing kebabs I had whilst living in London. Cooked over charcoal, juicy and succulent, a million miles away from the normal kebab served at the end of the night to revellers up and down the country.

Meat Dishes

Mechoui lamb with carrot and orange salad
I was a bit concerned the first time I cooked this recipe as my son does not normally like lamb, however my concerns were completely unjustified, he really enjoyed it. What can I say its a great alternative to a Sunday roast or as a Saturday evening to remember.