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Pasta Recipes

Pasta RecipesTwirling homemade pata around your fork (or my wife uses chopsticks ?) and savouring every mouthwatering morsel does not compare to shop bought fresh or dried pasta. Being of Italian origin I have had the opportunity to sample these delights reasonably frequently but it does not diminsh the joy. I must have spent hours watching my Nonna (grandmother in Italian) making pasta sheets, then cutting them into the shapes she wanted.

Pasta is surprisingly easy to make. Sure it does take time and you will probably need a pasta machine (but my Nonna never used one) because the final sheets need to be very thin and its really hard to get it right without one. The results are well worth the effort. The quantities in the sauce recipes are very vague on purpose, Italians tend to have pasta as a starter and do not add allot of sauce over it, but over in England we tend to eat pasta as a main dish and add larger amounts of sauce.

Basic Pasta Dough Recipe
This Nigella Lawson recipe has brought me a great deal of success so I repeat it here. The secret I have found is to put the dough through each setting of the pasta machine at least twice, folding the sheets back on themselves as you go

Bolognese (Sugo) Sauce Recipe
This recipe was originally given to me by the head chef (who was also my aunt) of one of the many vineyard restaurants around where we originate from in Italy. She had adapted the recipe to work in England where the beef has a much stronger flavor.

Pesto Sauce Recipe 
Basil, garlic, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, goodnes my mouth is watering already just at the thought of it. This simple sauce is based on an Antonio Carluccio recipe.