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Side Dish Recipes

Nothing compliments a meal more than tasty side dishes. No matter what cuisine you look at vegetable accompanyments are an integral part of any meal. From vegetable curries in Indian cuisine to Greek salads in the mediterranean they are all there.

Give these side dishes a go and you will not be dissapointed!

Greek Salad
This is my take on the traditional Greek Salad. I like the idea of having a big chunky salad that does not have any lettuce in it, I think the colours from the cucumber and the tomatoes work well together. The saltiness of the feta combined with the sweetness of the tomatoes seem to work really well with grilled fish or meat!

Shepherds Salad
This zingy salad works well with all grilled food, but comes into its own when served with kebabs. Feel free to alter the quantities of the salad ingredients to suit your taste.

Bungay (Bombay) Potatoes
Sorry about the title of this one, I made it up when I was living in the rural town of Bungay, Suffolk about 5 years back and the title has stuck. Its a play on the old Indian favorite of Bombay Potatoes. A great part of any Indian styled meal.

Rice And Peas
This side dish is the classic companion to Jerk Chicken. I have swapped some of the ingredients around to make it a little fresher and ‘zingier’ which I prefer with the heavily spiced chicken, but it is still packed full of flavour!

Basic Flatbread
This flatbread recipe goes equally well with a curry (in place of a naan) or with kebabs (in place of pitta) and it is so easy to do.

Spicy Tomato Sauce
This spicy tomato sauce goes really well with any grilled food that you want to spice up allot. You can even have this sauce with pasta as a spicy midweek meal.

Cucumber Raitha
This cucumber raitha makes a great ‘fire extinguisher’ when you are catering for people who don’t like spicy food.